Don’t Miss Color Theory in Flesh Tone with Makeup artist Terri Tomlinson!

August 19th, 2019 | 1pm-4pm

Color Theory in Flesh Tone is a hands-on workshop that translates color theory into the language of makeup. One of the greatest tools a makeup artist has is color theory. Being able to actively work and use the principles of color theory during application makes every artist stronger and more efficient.

In this workshop we revisit the basics of Color Theory, and the principles of color used in makeup application. Learn to translate color into flesh tone using The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™, and determine skin tone, highlight, contour and correction. See how using color theory affects every color choice including foundation, eyeshadow, and lips. In the hands-on portion, students will utilize the “Wheel” together with an included color theory makeup palette, to create foundation, highlight, contour, and corrective colors.

This class has a demo and lecture followed by a hands-on portion.

All participants will receive The Flesh Tone Color Wheel, “Rescue Palette” 10 Cream Color Makeup, Stainless Steel Palette, and Palette Knife!


Terri Tomlinson is a working makeup artist, educator, and owner of Makeup Training Academy in Dallas. Her most recent creation, The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™, is both a guide and tool for anyone who works with skin, showing you undertone, highlight, contour, analogous and corrective colors for makeup. Along with the wheel, Terri has created a method of working with color theory in skin tones and neutrals.

Read more about Terri here!

Justin Talaga