Color Theory in Flesh Tone with The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™

Color Theory in Flesh Tone with The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™


July 19, 2018

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Color Theory in Flesh Tone with The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ is a 2 1/2 hour demo and mini hands-on class that introduces Color Theory with The Flesh Tone Color Wheel. Revisit the rules of Color Theory and how to work color theory in skin. Learn about The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ as well as how to use the wheel to determine skin tone, highlight, contour, correction and colors for eyes, cheeks and lips. See how using Color Theory in Flesh Tone makes you a stronger artist and can affect all of your color choices.  In the hands-on portion we will practice seeing and customizing color based on the wheel. Instructed by Terri Tomlinson.

INCLUDED in registration will be The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ and
“Rescue Palette” 10 Cream Color Makeup by Maqpro.


Dallas Makeup Artist Terri Tomlinson has Re-Invented The Wheel.

In June 2017 Terri Tomlinson released a one-of-a-king tool for makeup artists and anyone who works with skin called The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ takes the rules and guidelines of Color Theory and puts them into skin tone, providing a reference for skin color, highlight, shadow, correction and makeup colors.

“I’ve been working in depth with Color Theory since I opened Makeup Training Academy in 2010. My understanding of color and theory has deepened so much in that time, that it now affects every part of my makeup application,” says Terri. “I am obsessed with Color Theory!” As an educator however she found that there was a huge gap between the pure hues of a traditional color wheel and skin. And so she set out to create something that her students could use to learn.

The result is both a tool and guide for seeing Color Theory in skin. Artists can use The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ to find a clients undertone as well as have a visual reference to what corrector color, highlight shade, contour, and makeup colors are best on that client. “Once you find a clients skin on the wheel, you have a reference for everything else you need as an artist,” says Tomlinson. “The Wheel is like a puzzle and the clients skin color is the key. Once you find the key you know everything! Even what color blush and shadows look best on them.”


July 19, 2018

6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Instructor: Terri Tomlinson