Our Summer Session begins this Monday, June 12th! Class times are offered at 2pm - 5pm (afternoon) OR 6pm - 9pm (evening).  Registration is still open -- ENROLL NOW!

The Certificate Program, approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, is a comprehensive, in-depth makeup artistry-training program.  By offering professional instruction in all areas of makeup artistry, we prepare the students to be able to accept work in all avenues of the industry, including editorial, bridal, theatrical, media, clinical and more.  In addition, the duration of the Program is specifically designed to allow the students to quickly launch their career.

Q + A:

Q: Why should I choose Make Up First® School of Makeup Artistry?

A: The mission of the School is to ensure the best education possible so that the student will be best prepared to pursue makeup artistry as a viable career.  The School is nationally recognized as an excellent educational art program for makeup artists in Chicago. Students will not only gain experience in Chicago, but will be exposed to major artists from New York and LA. Students will also meet photographers and others successfully working in the industry throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Q: How much is your program?

A: The cost of the Basic Certification Program is $6900.00.  There is also an additional kit fee of $800, which is required for purchase. Each course may be taken individually, and each course may be individually paid for in full, on or before the first day of that course. Download the Consumer Disclosure Information here. Payment can be made, in person or online, HERE.

Q: What happens if I can't pay for every course offered in the program at once?

A: For some students, due to either time or financial constraints, the courses are taken over a period not to exceed two years-they are still able to start working even though their education is not completed.  

Q: What makes your certificate different than other, shorter programs?

A: Other programs may advertise and offer a "certificate" give after within only one week, or sometimes even after only one day.    If the student is seeking a only a certificate,  they will just end up with a piece of paper, but will not be fully trained and highly employable.   Our program is so in-depth, that we include, among so many other subjects,  camouflage techniques for severe skin discolorations.  Students work on "real people", thereby better preparing them to confidently accept and be considered for any job in the industry.  The Certificate of Completion, via the State of Illinois and issued by the School, is just so much more than a piece of paper.

Q:  How do you help with job placement?

A:  In addition, we have an on-going relationship with our students/grads to ensure that they have a head start in the industry.  We have relationships with world-renowned makeup artists (who also come to the School and teach) and we actually have recruiters who come to the School to hire. Make Up First® also has an agency for current and former students. We post jobs on a regular basis, ranging from weddings, corporate shoots, production, and many more!

Q: Do you offer classes in Spanish?

A:  We do have a bilingual instructor that can assist with translation. 

Q: What are the requirements to enroll?

A:  You do not need previous experience in makeup, or need to be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to attend.  The requirements are simple:  the student must be 18 or older and have graduated High School or received a GED, or equivalent. That's it!

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