So You Want To Be a Pro Makeup Artist.......Now What?

GO TO MAKEUP SCHOOL!! Most states don’t require a license or certificate to work as a makeup artist- in fact; virtually anyone can call himself or herself a “makeup artist.”  For that reason, there are many so-called makeup artists who lack a strong foundation from which to practice and grow. Regardless of the direction in which they choose to go; e.g., bridal, media, fx, and/or live event, solid training in sanitation, products and technique is a must. Before you even enter this highly competitive field, your best decision, and first move, should be to attend a reputable makeup artistry school.

  • Show your dedication to the profession!
    • We all want to be acknowledged as serious pros artists.  By attending and completing a reputable makeup artistry school, you will be gain confidence and recognition and, in turn, clients be more likely to select you over a self-taught makeup artist.

Shorten the learning curve!

  • Quick exposure to tips and trips from working, professional makeup artists will take years off of “self-teaching”.  Provided the makeup artistry school retains a quality staff, you will quickly learn the tips and tricks from working, pro makeup artists.  Self- trained makeup artists do not have that instant exposure to the
  • knowledge and experience; attending a solid makeup artistry school will not only shorten the learning curve, but will also set you apart from the rest.

Avoid mistakes before you get hired!

    • Even the most successful makeup artists have made mistakes!  While the knowledge you gain from great teachers is vast, some of the best things that you will learn are through their past “mistakes” and how they corrected their errors.   Skip a grade in grammar school!  Learn from your instructors’ rookie mistakes, and how to quickly correct those “oops”!
  • Build an instant network!
    • It is inevitable that you will form a bond with your classmates.  Hopefully, you will also develop an on-going relationship with your school. Once you complete formal training and start your career, you may very well find yourself working with your fellow students.  You may also still have questions; it is invaluable to have a network of peers and mentors who can continue to guide and instruct.
    • Receive constructive critiques, and hands-on practice on a variety of faces!
    • YouTube tutorials are no substitute for the intensive training by a comprehensive makeup artistry program. While you may enjoy watching the videos and copying the makeup at home, there will be no one there to critique, provide structure, help you improve your skills and build your confidence.  In addition, you will not have a variety of faces on which to practice!  It is invaluable to have an experienced eye, evaluating your progress as a makeup artist.
    • Start building your portfolio!
    • In the job search, in order to even be considered, makeup artists must have an impressive portfolio. This is can be a lengthy and exacting process.   When selecting a school, look for a program that offers the students the opportunity to work on building their portfolio either within the term of the program or separately as an intensive workshop.

Be presented with career options!

Select a makeup artistry school that offers a comprehensive program of different makeup applications. You may find that you are more interested than you thought in an area in which you have not had prior experience.  In fact, you should be well trained as a makeup artist so that you can say, “yes” to any job!