Media photography presents Jill Glaser with the opportunity to be corrective, as well as creative, in the use of proper makeup selection and application. Jill Glaser possesses a thorough understanding of light and the science of skin. Our Chicago makeup artist has a "good eye" for color. 

She has experience with highlight and contouring, lighting, symmetry, & the lasting effect of makeup to any kind of shoot.


Beauty / Editorial

Whether for print or runway, fashion and editorial makeup application must be creative, yet appropriate for the purpose to be served. Suitable for the savvy "Chicago market", yet flexible enough for an even more sophisticated audience, fashion - editorial makeup must be creatively applied with an "edge" to help either the photographer - advertiser, or the event coordinator, set the desired tone and mood.



Enhancing the male appearance for the purposes of camera or live event.



All brides want to look and feel beautiful on their wedding day. Jill Glaser, a Chicago makeup artist has that special skill; the ability to apply beautiful and durable make up that will last throughout the event, as well as provide dramatic enhancement for photo and video. 

Each bride and member of the bridal party receives make up application appropriate for the formality of the wedding and in keeping with the bride's vision of her perfect day.



Our Chicago make up artist works in various venues, from burlesque to ballet. Jill understands how to use the type of make up, as well as its application, to create the actor's character and also to ensure that the character is visible from all areas of the theater.


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Jill Glaser has my utmost admiration and respect. She is totally dedicated to the best in education and is forever seeking to perfect herself in order to bring more to her students.
— Linda Mason, Linda Mason Elements, Inc.
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