Is Your Makeup Safe to Use?

Dirty Makeup

Be honest with yourself: when is the last time you checked the expiration dates on your makeup? Hopefully your answer is ‘within the last month’, especially if you’re a makeup artist. Old cosmetics break down over time and will harden or clump inside their containers. In the worst case scenarios, expired makeup can lead to breakouts and infections. To avoid these makeup mishaps, here are some easy ways to keep your cosmetics fresh and safe.


Makeup expiration dates

Checking the expiration dates on your makeup isn’t always easy. While some products will have an exact expiration date that lets you know when to toss it, regardless of whether it’s been used, most products will not. Instead, you will most likely find a PAO or Period After Opening expiration date. These labels (measured in months after opening) tell you how long your product stays fresh and safe to use, typically ranging from three months to two years. While liquids—like mascaras and eye liners—can expire in as little as three months, powders and lip products can last up to a year or more. For a full breakdown on products, check the guide below!



If you can’t remember exactly when you first opened your product, the next best thing to do is trust your senses. If your makeup smells “off” or different than normal, throw it out. Check to see if your products are crusty, hardened, or clumping—those are all signs that your makeup is past the point of no return. Give special consideration to any products you take or use in hot or steamy weather, as those conditions can break down your makeup and store bacteria.

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Even if your makeup is relatively new, it’s always a good idea to sanitize before each use. In the same way that we clean our brushes to keep them germ-free, it’s important to keep your makeup products sanitized as well. Misting sprays, like First Sanitizer, kill lingering bacteria on contact and keep your makeup safe for application. Sterile products and tools prevent breakouts and infections, and is the industry standard for professional artists. Check out more products below to keep your sanitation game on point!

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