Brushes, beauty blenders, sponges, tools, and cosmetics are a potential, realistic breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. BEWARE! If left uncleaned, said brushes, sponges and tools may cause breakouts, irritation, and in the worst case scenario, infections!

Keeping your client happy and healthy is easy—check out our cleaning recommendations below!


Clean your brushes. No excuses. Not only does regular and thorough brush cleaning prevent bacterial infections, it also helps extend the life of your brushes! Be good to your brushes and they will be good to you! Cinema Secrets has the perfect setup for cleaning your brushes, both between clients and at the end of the day. Their brush cleaner is a quick-drying formula that works great on both natural and synthetic brushes, and the cleansing tin serves as the perfect mini cleaning station.


Professional, sanitary makeup artists clean their cosmetics before after each use; it’s a practice everyone else should adopt as well. Solutions of at least 70% isopropyl alcohol should be used to effectively kill bacteria on contact for all cosmetics, including cream palettes, lipsticks, and powders. Our popular misting spray, First Sanitizer, makes it easy to quickly sanitize all of your cosmetics before and after each application.


Gunk happens. It’s inevitable. Sometimes a product will build up on your brush, and a quick clean won’t do the trick. It’s important to have deep cleaning tools at your disposal. Heavy duty cleaning tools, such as Sigma’s Spa Brush Cleaning Glove have several different cleaning textures to help you strip away build-up from any of your brushes. The resilient, reinforced silicone textures are made to withstand hundreds of cleanings without wearing down or collecting bacteria. Pair with beautyblender’s blendercleanser solid pro soap for deep cleaning of both brushes and Beauty Blender sponges!


When all else fails, use disposable applicators and sponges! It is inexcusable for the pro makeup artist to use the same mascara on different people. For non-pros, mascara wands can clump, beauty blenders and other sponges wear down after heavy usage—but single use products are designed to be fresh, effective, and safe every single time. Remember, every new coat of makeup should have a new applicator-no double-dipping and you will avoid cross- contamination.

Justin Talaga