How to Choose Your Shade Using Gleam Body Radiance from Melanie Mills Hollywood

Melanie Mills Hollywood has long been a staple of the Make Up First® Pro Shop, but you might know the brand most recently from the photo below. This stunning photo of Kourtney Kardashian features Gleam Body Radiance used to perfection, highlighting the skin’s natural glow while blurring small imperfections. Used as a moisturizer, shimmer, highlighter, and bronzer, the Gleam product line shines as the ultimate all-in-one must-have.
Find out how to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone below!

How do I find the best shade of Gleam Body Radiance for my skin?

Choosing a shade of Gleam Body Radiance is easy, remember each shade will melt into any skin tone. You choose your desired finish. Are you looking to highlight or get a sun basked glow?

Choose a shade close to your natural skin tone to enhance and perfect skin, blur skin imperfections, and achieve a subtle glow.

For example, fair to medium skin may want to choose Rose Gold or Peach Deluxe for a kiss of color, medium to deep skin tones could select either Bronze Gold or Deep Gold to even skin or add a touch of color. To deepen your color for a sun-basked look, choose a darker shade --and voila!--instant color. To illuminate or highlight, choose a shade lighter like Opalescence.

If you are looking to really sparkle the night away, Disco Gold is your shade. . 

You can also use more than one shade, one for face to prime or mix with foundation and one for the body. Be creative and mix a few shades together to create your own glow!

How much Gleam Body Radiance should I use?

The more Gleam Body Radiance you use, the more color and coverage you will get!

Melanie suggests to use a generous quarter-size for each leg, half as much for each arm, and another half a quarter-sized amount for the chest.

Melanie blends a dime-sized drop over her entire face, followed by foundation on top.

Gleam is highly pigmented, but blends flawlessly, so you can be bold and play! Unleash your inner Gleam goddess!

Can I mix Gleam Body Radiance with lotion?

Yes, but for maximum transfer resistance, we suggest using Gleam Body Radiance alone on clean, dry skin. Gleam Body Radiance is an excellent moisturizer and will sufficiently hydrate skin all by itself.

Will Gleam Body Radiance get everywhere?

No, Gleam Body Radiance is transfer resistant and stays put until you wash it off with warm water and a mild soap. We do suggest that you use reasonable care when applying Gleam Body Radiance. It is a pigmented, radiant makeup and some strategy may be required for formal evening wear. On hot days in a car with leather seats, lay a towel down. It is best to slip into tight dresses and undergarments first, before you apply Gleam Body Radiance. Once the product is set, it has amazing long-wearing life and a casual brush against clothing or fabric should not be an issue. You can dance the night away and your legs, décolleté and arms will keep a gorgeous glow all evening!

Looking for an extra lock? Apply the Gleam Body Radiance let set then lightly mist the Gleam Body Sealing Spray on top.  

Does Gleam Body Radiance stain?

Definitely not! If, for any reason, it does transfer, when used alone Gleam Body Radiance comes out easily with a little soap and water; even the darker shades of Gleam Body Radiance will wash out.

Is Gleam Body Radiance waterproof? 

Gleam is designed to be transfer-resistant, but it is not waterproof.

Does Gleam Body Radiance streak?

No, Gleam Body Radiance blends beautifully into your skin for smooth, seamless coverage! If you see a streak, simply blend the product a touch more.

Can I use with a self tanner with Gleam Body Radiance?

Gleam is a great complement to self-tanning! If you plan to wear Gleam Body Radiance after self-tanning or basking in the sun, select the shade closest to your tanned skin for an optimal bronzed effect—or apply an even darker shade to enrich and deepen your tan. Gleam Body Radiance also helps to smooth out any rough patches of self-tanner around the edges of the feet, elbows, knees or anywhere the self-tanner has an uneven look. Melanie suggests letting the self-tan develop, shower and then use Gleam Body Radiance as a daily finisher.

Is this a self tanner? 

No.  Gleam Body Radiance is a makeup, moisturizer and skin perfecter all in one. 

Is Gleam Body Radiance safe for sunning? 

There is no SPF protection in the Gleam Body Radiance products. For sun protection, we suggest lightly misting an oil-free sunscreen after Gleam has set. On the face, you can mix Gleam Body Radiance with some sunscreen lotion or makeup.


What does Gleam Body Radiance do to my skin? 

Gleam is a makeup and moisturizer that enhances skin tone and gives it a healthy radiance. This product was originally formulated for the body, but the ingredients make it a safe, instant beautifier for the face as well. Gleam contains Kalparian, which is a wrinkle filler, and brown seaweed extract, which works to tighten skin.  Gleam is made with a high quality crushed pearl (mineral) it helps to diffuse cellulite and to blur imperfections like varicose veins, stretch marks and skin discolorations. Often described as “liquid pantyhose”, Gleam gives you sexy natural skin in an instant.

What does the Gleam smell like?

Gleam Body Radiance is lightly scented with a hint of vanilla orchid essence. 

Can I use Gleam Body Radiance on my face?

Absolutely! Gleam Body Radiance is the perfect way to prime and perfect the skin, to mix with your favorite foundation or to use as a highlighter on cheekbones, the cupid’s bow and along the brow bone.

Is Gleam good for my skin?

Yes! Gleam Body Radiance is paraben- and sulfate-free and benefits skin with a cornucopia of botanical ingredients. Gleam Body Radiance is also cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free.

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Justin Talaga