Make Up First Mailbag

Make Up First Mailbag with Jill Glaser

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Make Up First owner, Jill Glaser, is here to answer your mailbag questions this week on everything from skin prep to job opportunities. Check below to see if your question was chosen this week!

Question: What is a foolproof way to combat oily skin? I’ve tried everything in skincare, primer & foundation in the $40 range (pro and “regular brands”) and NOTHING works!

Jill: Battling oily skin isn’t easy and it takes a multi-faceted approach to stay on top of it. In terms of skincare, Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel is specially curated to re-balance oily skin with alpha hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes. You can use Mehron’s TouchUp Anti-Shine gel to remove shine and oil instantly, and it comes in 3 different skin-tone shades. Bioderma’s Mat Control lotion works great for all-day against block pores and sebum regulation. If all else fails, turn to beautyblender’s Blotterazzi Pro or Palladio Rice Papers to absorb oil quickly on the spot.

Question: I'm thinking about moving to the south or west coast. What cities are good markets for bridal and commercial makeup?

Jill: There are brides everywhere - but there is probably less competition from other makeup artists in the South.  LA is crawling with MUAs. As for commercial, that is a very broad question. Films? Corporate shoots?  Atlanta/Nashville would be the only southern cities I would think have opportunities.  Both NYC and LA have a great number of commercial opportunities (as does the Chicago area).

Question: On mature clients, what is your opinion on eyeliner on the lower lash line? Also for mature clients, what is your opinion on matte vs. satin. vs. shimmer eye shadows? And what age is the mature client? If a 60 year old should not wear shimmer shadows, how do you decide for a 45 year old?

Jill: Mature skin is defined by the condition of the skin, not be the chronological age of the person.  Under eye liner usually closes up the eyes, but if the eyes are round, it may look good as a soft, blurred line.  Matte is great, except for those with deep skin tones—in that case, satin or even some shimmer may work.  Rule of thumb: anytime the product makes the skin look more wrinkled, avoid it.  Shimmer is usually pretty unflattering if the eyelid skin is loose.

Thanks everyone for the excellent questions, and check back next week to see if your question is chosen!

Justin Talaga