Travel-Friendly Makeup Tips

Tis the season! With the holidays approaching, it’s important to be prepared to travel. Being away from home can seriously throw off your makeup routine, but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled some travel-friendly makeup tips to make your holiday trip as seamless as possible!

Choose the Right Cosmetic Travel Bag
Have a plan. Are you going for 3 days or 10? Can you survive with a small travel bag, or is bigger a better choice? Are you the person who needs the big bag regardless? Whatever the circumstance, plastic is always a good choice. In the event something spills (or explodes), it makes for an easy clean up. Look for bags with pockets, flaps, or folds where you can keep your products organized, or go for a few individual organizers.

Keep It Simple
Don’t bring the one-time use seasonal glitters or bold lip colors. Grab your go-to products and the makeup you use every day/night. Opt for multi-purpose, simpler solutions, like Face Atelier’s Liquid Foundation, that doesn’t need a makeup primer. We love MaqPro’s Palette that can be used on both lips and cheeks.

No Liquids (But…)
Select as many non-liquid products as possible for a hassle-free trip through the security checkpoint. Choose pressed powders, pens and pencils, cream palettes, and compacts. Cleansing wipes make life easier on the go in place of any bottled cleansers. If you really need anything liquid, make sure to grab small, clear, and reusable containers which are eco-friendly and cut the cost of buying travel-size products each trip. Make sure to double-bag your liquids in case of an untimely spill.

Grab Products with a Purpose!
Find products that are multi-purpose, or eliminate the need to pack an extra item. The Makeup Mixer from MaqPro is the ultimate example, serving as a makeup remover, primer, moisturizer and product to sheer foundations or concealers! Pack easy-to-remove makeup, like Kevyn Aucoin’s Volumizing Mascara, that comes off with just water, allowing you to leave extra makeup removers at home. Look for lip or eye pencils that are self-sharpening and save yourself some room for other products.

Protect Your Items
Whether your makeup is in your carry on, or stuffed into a suitcase, chances are it’s gonna get tossed around. Make sure your makeup is wrapped up tight, so when your bag is dropped, smashed, or stuffed into a compartment your products stay in one piece. Small hand towels or t-shirts make great padding in or around your makeup bag. Pressed powders, like MaqPro’s HD Setting Powder, stay in place, even when your luggage does not.

Justin Talaga