The Ultimate Post-Halloween Skin Care Guide

Now that Halloween is over and Fall is in full swing, your skin is in serious need of some TLC. Don’t let the elements keep your skin from looking flawless, fight back with the perfect product. We’ve got you covered with our step by step regimen—from removal and repair to full skin revival.


BIODERMA Sensibio H20

Treat your face with this refreshing micellar water formula that cuts through dirt, oil, and even waterproof makeup. The soothing cucumber extract leaves even dry, irritated, and sensitive skin feeling soft and refreshed.


Keep your lips soft and supple with this two-in-one combo from MODELROCK. Use the lip scrub to clean away old skin cells and the longwear lipstick comes in handy for any stubborn lipstick or gloss build up.


THE PASTEL SHOP Aloe Vera Essence Charcoal Black Mask

Rejuvinate your face with a refreshing blend of aloe vera and charcoal. The aloe vera moisturizes the face while the charcoal powder minimizes pores and absorbs oil for a deep facial cleanse.

SMITH’S Rosebud Salve

A cure-all salve for chapped Fall lips that also works on raw skin, cuticles, and ashy elbows. Use this in a pinch to help heal razor or flat iron burns.



This revitalizing cream accelerates skin restoration while nourishing and moisturizing with a combination of sugars, Vitamin E, soft butters, and aloe vera extract. Apply morning or night to achieve brighter, healthier skin.

EMBRYOLISSE Secret de Maquilleurs

Fight back against puffy under eyes and dark circles with amazing treatment stick that brightens and smooths eye contours in minutes. Use on both upper and lower eyelids, and for a stronger cooling effect, store in the refrigerator!

Justin Talaga