Upcoming Workshops

In addition to our Certificate Courses and Advanced Courses, in order to build upon fundamental skills, a variety of Workshops are also available to both graduates of the Certificate Program, as well as to experienced, working makeup artists. The Workshops include several editorial, portfolio-building workshops, hosted by the School, and taught by celebrity makeup artists from Los Angeles and elsewhere.



The Bridal Makeup Workshop teaches students how to apply makeup so as to create the elegant, polished bride and wedding party.  Students will also learn the “business” of bridal makeup.



Students will learn how to assemble and use the airbrush and compressor. The students will be taught techniques and be guided in the selection of various airbrush foundations, blushes and contour shades, in order to create the highly sought-after flawless airbrushed face.



These single day workshops are geared toward student’s ages 13-17. Students have the option of choosing all four classes or any single class of their choosing.

Building  a Beauty Portfolio with Jordan Liberty

1-Day: $400  •  2-Day: $750

Create flawless “real-world” camera-ready images with an up-to-the-minute curriculum powered by the latest in technology. From product knowledge to hands-on application, covering all aspects of high definition beauty.

Roshar Portfolio Building Workshop

1-Day: $400  •  2-Day: $750

International celebrity makeup artist, Roshar, demonstrates avant-garde/editorial makeup creations on Day 1. On Day 2, Roshar will be on site, directing the attendees’ photoshoot with Chicago professional photographer, Robert Beczarski.


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