Consolidated Basic Makeup 1 & 2

Traveling from out of town? Busy schedule?
Get a jump start on your makeup artist certification with our Consolidated Basic Makeup 1 & 2 Course:
November 26th-30th!

Our intensive, week-long course covers the entirety of Basic Makeup 1 and 2, including lessons on:

  • Contents of a complete makeup artist kit.

  • Proper hygiene and sanitation

  • Skin type identification

  • Color theory

  • Facial anatomy

  • Light makeup applications

  • Corrective makeup techniques (highlight and contour) to alter the face shape as well as the eyes, lips and cheeks

Additionally students will have the opportunity to apply makeup to models of varying skin tones, ethnicities, ages and genders.

This course is perfect for anyone who lives outside the city, has a demanding schedule, or wants to get a head start on their certification!

Justin Talaga