Advanced Theatrical Makeup

Advanced Theatrical Makeup

from 1,000.00

Students will continue to explore advanced techniques in theatrical makeup. Main topics of focus will include, but not be limited to the advanced techniques necessary to create an altered character. Students will learn how to apply prosthetics, facial hair, bald caps and further improve their painting skills.

In addition to the tuition cost, There will be a one time fee for The Advanced Theatrical Makeup Kit ($50), which is available for purchase at the School.

This course can be used as 16 hours towards Continuing Education. Make Up First® is an approved sponsor under the IL Barber Act.

Include Kit:

Instructors: Ora Jewell-BuscheRichard Jarvie

Students will continue to work on altering characters for the stage, but will add pre-made prosthetics, bald caps, crepe hair and other products and theatrical techniques to their skill set.

  • Apply premade prosthetic latex pieces
  • Apply premade foam latex full-face pieces
  • Theatrically and seamlessly paint the face and the prosthetics
  • Apply a seamless bald cap
  • Design and work with crepe hair
  • Create a fantastical creature, using all of the skills offered in Theatrical Makeup A, Theatrical Makeup B, and Advanced Theatrical Makeup
Fall Session

August 14-24, 2017

Night Class
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

August 2017


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*Advanced level courses and workshops are not required for certification.