Our New Session Starts April 2nd!

Don’t miss out on our upcoming Spring Session starting on April 2nd! Our program begins with Basic Makeup I, which covers fundamental principles such as color theory, facial anatomy, and sanitation. In addition, students will learn crucial skills like highlight and contour, foundation matching, skin prep, shaping brows, false lash application and more!

To learn about our eight course Certification Program, click here.

Make Up First® is the premier makeup artistry training program in the entire Midwest. Our program, approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, offers in-depth makeup artistry training with extensive hands-on studio time using pro cosmetics and taught by the finest instructors. By offering professional instruction in all areas of makeup artistry, we prepare our students to be able to accept work in all avenues of the industry, including editorial, bridal, theatrical, media, clinical and more. Start your dream career today!

To schedule a tour, click here and choose the date and time that’s right for you!

Check out what a normal day looks like at Make Up First on our Instagram below!

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Survival Tips: Makeup for Working Out

Working out with a face full of makeup seems like a bad idea. In many cases, it can be. Makeup can clog the pores during a workout, trapping sweat, dirt, and bacteria in your skin. However, in reality, many people don’t have time to remove their makeup before they work out—or in many cases, makeup gives them the confidence to work out in public in the first place. Thankfully, the right products, applied in moderation, can bridge the gap between confidence and cleanliness.



When exercising outdoors, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun. Make sure to choose a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 20 to not only keep your face safe, but looking good as well. These products provide a light, breathable coverage that blends uneven skin tones while keeping your pores open. Also consider a protective salve or balm for your lips to protect against wind and exposure. If you end up working out and you haven’t had time to remove your makeup, a setting spray can help keep your makeup from moving.



Working out at a gym, especially inside a class area, can get particularly humid. Cardio-based classes are meant to make you sweat, and with a full face of makeup on, that can lead to dirty, clogged pores and breakouts. Still, there are ways around going bare-faced.

Waterproof mascaras and eyeliners add definition to you eyes, and hydrating lip stains, or even an airy, nude lip product, add color without clogging pores. In addition, a light brow product, such as Kevyn Aucoin’s Precision Brow Pencil can go a long way in making you feel totally put together.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to wear makeup, be sure to cleanse your skin after a workout, as well as exfoliate and hydrate your skin!

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New Product Spotlight: Quick Fixes for Beauty and Style Emergencies

There’s never a good time for a style emergency. Maybe you’re waiting for an interview and you’ve just noticed your smudged eyeliner, or perhaps you’re in the middle of a date and you’ve spilled food on your dress. We’ve all been there. Thankfully, the Make Up First Pro Shop has you covered. Introducing the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Style Emergency Kit and Eye Makeup Corrector/Remover!

These two products, that both fit discreetly inside a purse or makeup kit, ensure that you’ll never be left high and dry again. The Style Emergency Kit features 14 head-to-toe fashion fixes including everything from lint removing sheets and a travel sewing kit to a hypo-allergenic earring back for worst case scenarios. With this kit in hand, you can fix clothes, nails, jewelry, hair, and everything in between.

The Eye Makeup Corrector & Remover is the perfect product for fixing any makeup blemish in seconds. The 24-pack of portable cotton swabs come pre-filled with a gentle makeup remover (made from Vitamin E and Aloe Vera) that can correct or remove unsightly makeup instantly. Skip bulky wipes and cotton balls—these precise, ready-to-go correctors are simple to use and make the perfect touch-up tool.

Together these two products make the perfect addition to any makeup artist’s “what if’s” collection.
To learn more about everything included in the kits, click below!

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Make Up First Mailbag

We’re opening up the mailbag! Make Up First owner, Jill Glaser, is here to answer your questions this week about switching up your normal makeup routines. Check below to see if your question was chosen!

Question: When I attended airbrush was less popular. Is an airbrush application better than a full coverage foundation application (ie Mac studio fix fluid & beauty blender)?

Jill: We know that we can achieve the same flawless look as airbrush with manual products and techniques; however, airbrush is great for (straight men especially) commercial/corporate shoots. In addition, almost all brides now insist on airbrush makeup application. In either event, if the makeup will be worn for a long time, whether airbrushed or otherwise, it should be sprayed with an alcohol-based finishing spray.

Personally, if time permits, I like to create a more durable, long-lasting finish by topping off the manual cream or liquid foundation with a compatible airbrush formulation. I also like to use airbrush for highlight and blush.  Once the face is totally dry, I will powder with a translucent setting powder. My favorite product is the Temptu Perfect Canvas Hydra Lock .

Question: I don’t want to wear foundation every day, but I don’t want to go out bare-faced either. Is there a compromise?

Jill: If you are not comfortable wearing a full face of foundation every day, a great compromise is a light coverage, liquid formula that has an SPF of at least 15. Do not add powder, as you will need to apply the sunscreen every few hours.

Question: I want to break out of my normal, boring makeup routine—what’s one product or tip you recommend that everyone try?

Jill: If you are ready to break out of your personal makeup routine, try incorporating some new looks as seen on the NYFW runways. Personally, I love the neon creams and liners that give a shocking splash of color on the eyelids. I'm also happy to see that the glossy eye is still on trend, and that there are now so many new products that will help achieve that look and not crease immediately after application.

Thanks everyone for the excellent questions, and check back next time to see if your question is chosen!

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Just Announced: New Workshops & Advanced Courses

Make sure to check our blog each week to see what else we have planned for 2019!

March 20-21, 2019

Our Teen Camp workshops focus on introducing new makeup artists to both fundamentals of the craft as well as different types of makeup within the field. These single-session workshops are geared toward student’s ages 13-17. Students have the option of choosing both sessions or either session of their choosing.

Skin Prep, Color Theory, and Beauty Makeup Application. Students will learn how to Highlight + Contour and other beauty techniques! This Class will also focus on Special Occasion Makeup. All makeup and tools will be provided.

Theatrical Makeup. This class will include various theatrical applications ranging from Pop Art to Zombies, as well as Gore (cuts, bruises, and scars) and Glam + Gore looks. All makeup and tools will be provided.

March 20-22, 2019

In this 3-day intensive hairstyling workshop, instructors will focus on the use of multiple hairstyling tools, braiding, backcombing, up-do’s, down do’s and the art of pin curling. This is the perfect workshop for makeup artists looking to expand their skillset. All tools will be provided.

June 10-13, 2019
advanced theatrical

Students will learn advanced techniques in application of pre-made prosthetics and bald caps. Correct technique for laying facial hair and use of spfx products will be taught as well. Students are asked to bring their basic makeup kit; all theatrical and spfx supplies will be provided.

June 10-13, 2019

Students will continue with advanced methods, techniques and applications suitable for each media format. In-depth emphasis will be placed on contour and corrective makeup techniques necessary to create the desired image for the camera. Students will further their media training in editorial, runway and fashion makeup. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to learn creative freestyle makeup.

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Kit Cleanup Fridays

Is your makeup kit a mess? It happens to the best of us. Between busy schedules and an ever-expanding makeup collection, your organization can get out of control. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our new Kit Cleanup Fridays!

Make Up First Student Kit

Kit Cleanup Fridays are dedicated to helping you clean out and update your current makeup kit. During each one-hour session, our staff will help you sort through your items, declutter, and check expiration dates for all the makeup in your kit—free of charge!

While you’re here, browse the Pro Shop, or use the Z-Potter to de-pot and organize your makeup (free to use with the purchase of a Z Palette). We’re also here to recommend products for any job, event, or look, and answer any questions you have.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please email info@makeupfirst.com with your desired date and one hour time slot. Remember, Kit Cleanups are hosted on Fridays!

Check out our other organization products here!

Watch the tutorial on de-potting your makeup below!

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Winter Lip Care

Winter can be a particularly unforgiving time for your skin. While most people bundle up against the cold winter winds, they tend to leave their face and mouth unprotected. The lips are especially vulnerable, as they dry out ten times faster than the rest of your skin on your face. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our list of lip care tips for battling cold weather.

Make Up First Lip Care


Not only is drinking water great for your lips, it’s great for your skin in general (and the rest of your body too)! Hydration is a key part of keeping lips soft, supple, and full of life. If you’re having trouble hydrating, make a rule to drink an entire glass of water before you walk out the door in the morning. Speaking of hydration…


As the weather dries out, so does your skin, making it increasingly important to add moisture to the air. Putting a dehumidifier in your home can go a long way in stopping dry, irritated skin before it starts. Misting humidifiers can cost as little as $30, which is less than 50 cents a day if you use it two months out of the year. Your skin will thank you.


It sounds simple, but it can be a hard habit to break. When cold weather dries your lips out, it’s a natural impulse to lick them and add moisture. This ends up drying out your lips even faster, and leads to damaged, chapped lips. Resist the urge and apply lip balm instead.


Even well-treated lips need to be exfoliated. Make sure to scrub away any dead skin from your lips each night during your skincare routine. We recommend Cinema Secret’s Lip Scrub, which has a softer sugar scrub, or a volcanic option that’s more abrasive.


After exfoliating, it’s important to follow up with a nourishing, moisturizing product to keep your lips healthy and soft. Try your exfoliating and moisturizing routine before bed when your lips have time to rest and heal. Bioderma’s Atoderm Baume Lévres balm provides a rich, protective layer for the lips that repairs and regenerates chapped lips. Make sure to reapply in the mornings before you leave!

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How to Choose Your Shade Using Gleam Body Radiance from Melanie Mills Hollywood

Melanie Mills Hollywood has long been a staple of the Make Up First® Pro Shop, but you might know the brand most recently from the photo below. This stunning photo of Kourtney Kardashian features Gleam Body Radiance used to perfection, highlighting the skin’s natural glow while blurring small imperfections. Used as a moisturizer, shimmer, highlighter, and bronzer, the Gleam product line shines as the ultimate all-in-one must-have.
Find out how to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone below!

How do I find the best shade of Gleam Body Radiance for my skin?

Choosing a shade of Gleam Body Radiance is easy, remember each shade will melt into any skin tone. You choose your desired finish. Are you looking to highlight or get a sun basked glow?

Choose a shade close to your natural skin tone to enhance and perfect skin, blur skin imperfections, and achieve a subtle glow.

For example, fair to medium skin may want to choose Rose Gold or Peach Deluxe for a kiss of color, medium to deep skin tones could select either Bronze Gold or Deep Gold to even skin or add a touch of color. To deepen your color for a sun-basked look, choose a darker shade --and voila!--instant color. To illuminate or highlight, choose a shade lighter like Opalescence.

If you are looking to really sparkle the night away, Disco Gold is your shade. . 

You can also use more than one shade, one for face to prime or mix with foundation and one for the body. Be creative and mix a few shades together to create your own glow!

How much Gleam Body Radiance should I use?

The more Gleam Body Radiance you use, the more color and coverage you will get!

Melanie suggests to use a generous quarter-size for each leg, half as much for each arm, and another half a quarter-sized amount for the chest.

Melanie blends a dime-sized drop over her entire face, followed by foundation on top.

Gleam is highly pigmented, but blends flawlessly, so you can be bold and play! Unleash your inner Gleam goddess!

Can I mix Gleam Body Radiance with lotion?

Yes, but for maximum transfer resistance, we suggest using Gleam Body Radiance alone on clean, dry skin. Gleam Body Radiance is an excellent moisturizer and will sufficiently hydrate skin all by itself.

Will Gleam Body Radiance get everywhere?

No, Gleam Body Radiance is transfer resistant and stays put until you wash it off with warm water and a mild soap. We do suggest that you use reasonable care when applying Gleam Body Radiance. It is a pigmented, radiant makeup and some strategy may be required for formal evening wear. On hot days in a car with leather seats, lay a towel down. It is best to slip into tight dresses and undergarments first, before you apply Gleam Body Radiance. Once the product is set, it has amazing long-wearing life and a casual brush against clothing or fabric should not be an issue. You can dance the night away and your legs, décolleté and arms will keep a gorgeous glow all evening!

Looking for an extra lock? Apply the Gleam Body Radiance let set then lightly mist the Gleam Body Sealing Spray on top.  

Does Gleam Body Radiance stain?

Definitely not! If, for any reason, it does transfer, when used alone Gleam Body Radiance comes out easily with a little soap and water; even the darker shades of Gleam Body Radiance will wash out.

Is Gleam Body Radiance waterproof? 

Gleam is designed to be transfer-resistant, but it is not waterproof.

Does Gleam Body Radiance streak?

No, Gleam Body Radiance blends beautifully into your skin for smooth, seamless coverage! If you see a streak, simply blend the product a touch more.

Can I use with a self tanner with Gleam Body Radiance?

Gleam is a great complement to self-tanning! If you plan to wear Gleam Body Radiance after self-tanning or basking in the sun, select the shade closest to your tanned skin for an optimal bronzed effect—or apply an even darker shade to enrich and deepen your tan. Gleam Body Radiance also helps to smooth out any rough patches of self-tanner around the edges of the feet, elbows, knees or anywhere the self-tanner has an uneven look. Melanie suggests letting the self-tan develop, shower and then use Gleam Body Radiance as a daily finisher.

Is this a self tanner? 

No.  Gleam Body Radiance is a makeup, moisturizer and skin perfecter all in one. 

Is Gleam Body Radiance safe for sunning? 

There is no SPF protection in the Gleam Body Radiance products. For sun protection, we suggest lightly misting an oil-free sunscreen after Gleam has set. On the face, you can mix Gleam Body Radiance with some sunscreen lotion or makeup.


What does Gleam Body Radiance do to my skin? 

Gleam is a makeup and moisturizer that enhances skin tone and gives it a healthy radiance. This product was originally formulated for the body, but the ingredients make it a safe, instant beautifier for the face as well. Gleam contains Kalparian, which is a wrinkle filler, and brown seaweed extract, which works to tighten skin.  Gleam is made with a high quality crushed pearl (mineral) it helps to diffuse cellulite and to blur imperfections like varicose veins, stretch marks and skin discolorations. Often described as “liquid pantyhose”, Gleam gives you sexy natural skin in an instant.

What does the Gleam smell like?

Gleam Body Radiance is lightly scented with a hint of vanilla orchid essence. 

Can I use Gleam Body Radiance on my face?

Absolutely! Gleam Body Radiance is the perfect way to prime and perfect the skin, to mix with your favorite foundation or to use as a highlighter on cheekbones, the cupid’s bow and along the brow bone.

Is Gleam good for my skin?

Yes! Gleam Body Radiance is paraben- and sulfate-free and benefits skin with a cornucopia of botanical ingredients. Gleam Body Radiance is also cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free.

Want to be #Gleamalicious? Shop the Melanie Mills Hollywood collection below!

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Winter Workshop Preview

This winter we've got workshops on upcoming spring trends, Valentine's Day looks, and our always popular Airbrush Bridal workshop, featuring the latest Temptu products. Find the session that's right for you below!

Mini Monday Workshop: Spring Trends
January 28th, 2019—10am-12pm

Photo courtesy of Butter London

Photo courtesy of Butter London

Join us for our first Mini Monday Workshop of the year as we showcase the hottest spring trends featuring Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral! We'll teach you the techniques you need to get the look and fill you in on what products can get the job done. Our Mini Mondays are demo only workshops that are open to both pros and the public, as well as eligible for Continuing Education hours under the IL Barber Act.

Workshop Deadline approaching, register now!

Mini Monday Workshop: Valentine’s Day Makeup
February 11th, 2019—10am-12pm

Makeup by Jordan Liberty

Makeup by Jordan Liberty

Our February Mini Monday is all about perfecting Valentine's Day looks for your special night out. Whether you're heading out on a date, or prepping a client for one, we'll feature several styles for you to choose from. Don't miss out on these sexy, seasonal looks!

TEMPTU-Certified Airbrush Bridal Workshop
February 25th, 2019—10am-4pm

This one-day, TEMPTU-Certified workshop, covers the Business of Bridal and Airbrush Makeup application! Students will learn how to create the highly sought-after, flawless face, and will be taught about various airbrush foundations, blushes, and contour shades. Equipment is provided for use during the one-day, six-hour session, and is also available for purchase.

Upon completion, students will receive a TEMPTU - Certified by Make Up First Certificate!

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Durable Bridal Makeup for All Seasons

Bridal Makeup is the ultimate in event makeup. Bridal season is no longer confined to just the summer months—it now lasts all year long! Regardless of the season, the makeup artist must make sure that the makeup will last all day, in any given environment. We’ll give you the tips, techniques, and products you’ll need for your bride to ensure long-lasting wear regardless of skin type or weather conditions.

The Eyes: Waterproofing the Eye Makeup

Eye Shadow
The bride’s eyes may tear, either from crying, or from the wind during an outdoor photo shoot on a windy day.  For a long-lasting eye makeup application, the lid—from lash line to brow—should be prepped with a cream, such as Cinema Secrets Pro Eyeshadow Base, and then set with a powder that is somewhat lighter in color than the skin. The layers of shadows will have more staying power if they sit on top of a prepped eye. When using loose pigments, shimmers, or glitters, try using Inglot Duraline as a mixing medium. Duraline becomes not only a binding ingredient, but will also work to waterproof the cosmetics. 

Eye Liner
For a liner that will not move until it is taken off with a beauty cleanser, nothing beats Ingot Gel (Black #77). Apply with a precise brush, such as the #762 Bdellium Brush. For a softer look, you can use a black liner on the upper lash line and a brown liner on the lower lash line.

Both before and after the false lash application, use either waterproof mascara, or the long-lasting Kevyn Aucoin Curling or Volume Mascara, which is less harsh for the lashes. Apply sparingly in thin layers, so as not to weigh down the lashes.  Be sure to use a new mascara, so that the lashes won’t be dry and flaky after curling.

The Brows – Pencil, Powder, Brow Mascara/Brow Gel
Always use a brow gel (Senna) to tame thick brows, and/or a brow pencil (Kevyn Aucoin, Senna) for sparse brows.

False Lashes
Apply the false lashes, leaving adequate time for your application, to ensure that the bride does not leave with a corner of the false lash line popping off. Be sure to use latex-free eyelash glue for strips or individuals, such as Callas Eyelash Adhesive.  The glue is very affordable, so you can easily send it with your client in the event of an emergency.

The Skin: Clean, Beautiful, Melt-proof

Prepping the Skin
In making the application durable, factors must be considered, such as the condition of the bride’s skin as well as the weather. The bride’s skin must be assessed and then properly prepped and primed according to her skin and the foundation selected.  For longevity and a radiant finish, we recommend using either a wax or silicone-based foundation.  Both wax and silicone are waterproof, and have a high melting point, which will combat hot weather conditions. Both wax and silicone-based foundations are flattering on all skin tones and types.

Prepare the Canvas: Oil Control (Summer) – Very Dry Skin (Winter)
If you notice during the trial run that your bride has dry, dull skin (particularly during the winter months) be sure to encourage a good skin routine. Advise her to exfoliate regularly, followed by facial oils (see below) and moisturizer, each night after washing the face with a creamy facial cleanser. Recommended: Mario Badescu Botanical Scrub, Embryolisse Lait Crème, Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

Check to see if the skin then needs more moisturizer. Based on your client’s skin concerns before the bridal makeup application, consider adding facial oil prior to the moisturizer (Mario Badescu Rose Hip Nourishing Oil or Burt’s Bees Facial Oil). To combat dry skin, as well as winter wind-burned skin, we recommend first spritzing with an electrolyzed water (Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray) to help the moisturizer better absorb into the skin. Make sure to follow it up with a richer, more emollient moisturizer with sunscreen. Don’t skip out on sunscreen in any season! Recommended: Mario Badescu The Moisture Magnet with SPF 15.  For moisturizing, we love Embryolisse products and the MAQPROMakeup Mixer which works as both a moisturizer and a primer. The Mixer is a lotion with wax that makes it compatible with the silicone or wax foundation. 

Before applying the foundation, it’s important to prime the skin, which creates a smooth surface. For primers, select either a silicone-based primer such as Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer, or a primer with some shimmer for a radiant glow. (Becca Backlight Priming Filter, Kevyn Aucoin The Primed Skin Developer, or the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Skin Fluid Foundation).  

Color Correcting
To treat any redness, like wind-chapped skin, sun damage, or acne, we recommend applying, where necessary, the color green. You may also need to color correct under the eyes. If your bride has dark shadows, or a blue/purple cast, be sure to use a brightening corrector or peach color to neutralize the shadow. Follow up with a concealer, like the Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer. Waterproof the concealer, buff it in, and then powder.

Selecting the Foundation, Cream Blush, Highlight, and Setting Powder
Wax or silicone-based foundations are great for longevity and durability. For staying power with a beautiful finish, we recommend MAQPRO Fard Crème, Temptu Silicone or Hydra Lock Airbrush Foundation, or FACE atelier foundations. Before setting the foundation with powder, apply a cream blush which will provide a long-lasting stain on the cheeks. Try our MAQPRO Lip and Cheek Palette. With respect to highlight, layer liquid and then cream highlighter on the cheekbones. Add a powder highlighter to set. Finally, using a powder puff set the foundation with a colorless translucent setting powder (Cinema Secrets, Inglot, First by MAQPRO).

Once you have set the foundation, you can heighten the blush color with a powder blush (First by MAQPRO, Inglot, or BECCA). If desired, then use a powder contour product like Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder.


Dry or Chapped Lip Treatment
You can first exfoliate the bride’s lips, using the MODELROCK Lip Scrub or Cinema Secrets Lip Scrub. Once the lips are exfoliated, use a moisturizing lip balm such as Rosebud Salve. Then, reach for a lip pencil- your kit should include, at a minimum, a neutral light pencil and a neutral deep pencil (Kevyn Aucoin Lip Pencil in “Medium” or “Minimal”), to create a crisp line.

For long-wear, next apply a liquid lip—we prefer the non-drying, long-lasting ModelRock Liquid to Matte Liquid Lipstick. Apply a creamy lip color over the liquid lip (Inglot). If your bride would like a glossy lip, apply on top a thick, yet non-sticky lip glaze such as FACE atelier Lip Glaze.

Finally, “set the face”, with an ultra-fine, misting, alcohol-based setting spray (Skindinavia) to ensure that the makeup will hold up throughout the entire event.

And there you go!  A long-lasting beautiful application, fit for any season, for your beautiful bride!

Photography by Bozena Voytko

Justin Talaga
Jordan Liberty Workshop-Building a Beauty Portfolio

May 3rd & 4th

Make Up First is excited to have Jordan Liberty join us for his Building a Beauty Portfolio Workshop on May 3rd and 4th! This two-day workshop is unlike anything else Jordan teaches, as he dives into creating flawless, camera-ready looks, and then guides attendees through their own applications.

On Day 1, Jordan will share his tips and tricks for looking flawless without retouching, while demoing looks on three different models. Jordan is known for his mantra, ‘beauty that is not afraid of a closeup’, and you’ll see just that, as students can get interactive while he photographs each of his models. If continuing to Day 2, Jordan will give you your assignment for the next day’s photoshoot.

On Day 2, students will work on three professional models under the direction of Jordan Liberty. Each model will be photographed, and all images will be sent to students. In addition, all two-day attendees will receive a Swag Bag with exclusive products!

Day 1 is open to both makeup artists and enthusiasts. Space is limited for Day 2, so sign up now!

Jordan Liberty is an LA-based makeup artist, photographer, educator and creative director. In addition to producing iconic beauty campaigns, his work in consulting, marketing, and product development have made him the secret weapon behind the success of top makeup and skincare brands. Most known publicly for his professional approach to education (via his former YouTube channel), he continues teaching pro-level workshops, makeup classes and seminars, and developing educational platforms when not in the studio.

Liberty and his work have been featured in Allure, Glamour, On Makeup, LADYGUNN, ELLE, and Make-Up Artist Magazine; and online on WWD, Beautylish, Refinery29, i-D and W Magazine as well as on Amazon's Style Code Live and QVC. In 2015 he received a coveted "Best of Beauty" award from Allure magazine and was named "Artist of the Year" in 2017 by The Makeup Show. 

Recent clients and collaborators include NARS, Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit Cosmetics, Sephora, BITE Beauty, Stilazzi, Jouer, Sigma, Anastasia Beverly Hills, DOSE of Color, LORAC, CoverGirl, RealTechniques, Tatcha, Clinique, and NYX Cosmetics. 

Liberty completed his 2018 International Beauty Tour teaching professional master classes in 27 cities in 18 countries and will continue in 2019.

A Look Ahead: Make Up First in 2019

Our Winter Session starts January 7th!

Make Up First Basic Makeup 1 Course

The first course in our Certificate Program, Basic Makeup I, covers fundamental principles such as color theory and facial anatomy. In addition, students will learn to highlight and contour, prep the skin, match foundation shades, color correct, false lash application, and more!

If you missed out on this start date, don’t panic—try for our Spring Session, starting April 2nd!

To schedule a tour, follow this link and choose the date and time that’s right for you!

Workshops for ALL!

Monday, January 14th
Mini Monday Workshop- Spring Trends featuring Pantone’s Color of the Year

Join Make Up First® as we demo upcoming Spring trends, featuring Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral! This workshop will feature applications using different Spring-inspired products to create current looks. Open to the public—CE hours available!

Monday, January 28th
TEMPTU Certified Airbrush Bridal Workshop

This one-day, TEMPTU-certified workshop, covers the Business of Bridal and Airbrush Makeup application! In order to create the highly sought-after flawless face, students will learn about various airbrush foundations, blushes and contour shades. Equipment is provided for use during the one-day, six-hour session, and is also available for purchase.

Upon completion, students will receive a “TEMPTU - Certified by Make Up First® “Certificate!

Monday, February 11th
Mini Monday Workshop- Valentine’s Day Makeup

Join us just in time for Valentine’s Day as we demo several V-day and Boudoir-inspired applications. This workshop is perfect for those wishing to wow their special someone, or prep their client for a big night out!

Makeup by Jordan Liberty from our Portfolio Building with Jordan Liberty Workshop.

Jill On the Go!

Make Up First Jill Glaser

Make Up First owner, Jill Glaser, will be in Long Beach, California at the International Salon + Spa Expo on January 27th and 28th! Attendees can catch Jill on stage both days as a guest educator, talking about the essentials of the makeup kit and the differences between manual and airbrush bridal makeup. If you’re a SoCal resident, make sure to grab tickets now!

Justin Talaga
Our Winter Session Starts Soon

Don’t miss out on our upcoming Winter Session starting January 7th! Our program begins with Basic Makeup I, which covers fundamental principles such as color theory, facial anatomy, and sanitation. In addition, students will learn crucial skills like highlight and contour, foundation matching, skin prep, various eyeliner styles, shaping brows, false lash application and more!

To schedule a tour, follow this link and choose the date and time that’s right for you!

Make Up First® is the premier makeup artistry training program in the entire Midwest. Our program, approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, offers in-depth makeup artistry training with extensive hands-on studio time using pro cosmetics and taught by the finest instructors. By offering professional instruction in all areas of makeup artistry, we prepare our students to be able to accept work in all avenues of the industry, including editorial, bridal, theatrical, media, clinical and more. Start your dream career today!

Makeup Resolutions for 2019
Make Up First Makeup Resolutions 2019

1) Moisturize Every Day
Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it takes a beating: it’s exposed to sun, chapped by wind, and dried out by makeup removers and cleansers. Moisturizing daily can go a long way, setting up a smooth, supple surface for daily makeup application, amongst many other great effects moisturizer has on your skin.

2) Expand Your Horizons
New Year, New You! Use that positive 2019 energy to invest in yourself. Take a makeup workshop and learn how to finally match your undertones correctly. Grab that bold lip color you’ve been scared to try. Switch to a liquid liner, or ditch your old foundation. If you keep your options open, you might find your new favorite product.

3 )Embrace the “No Makeup” Look
Dewy skin and the naturally flush face are here to stay. Master the secrets of the barefaced, “no makeup” look and walk out the door in under 15 minutes. Buying the right products means easier application, no second-guessing, and flawless natural-looking beauty.

4) Try Out a New Eye Look
You mastered your signature eye look, now it’s time to shake things up. Experiment with any number of awesome liner or shadow styles from the Spring 2019 Runways, including colorful gel liners, inner eye highlights, and bold, dramatic shadows. If you’re feeling truly courageous, try out a new brow shape using Senna’s foolproof From-a-Brow Stencil Set.

5) Organize!
So maybe your makeup collection is a mess, but it doesn’t have to be! Use the new year to get organized—from consolidating (or customizing) your palettes, to finding the travel bag that’s right for you. It’s also a good time to check all those expiration dates on your makeup and make sure you’re keeping your cosmetics clean and sanitized.

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Make Up First Mailbag
Make Up First Mailbag with Jill Glaser

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Make Up First owner, Jill Glaser, is here to answer your mailbag questions this week on everything from skin prep to job opportunities. Check below to see if your question was chosen this week!

Question: What is a foolproof way to combat oily skin? I’ve tried everything in skincare, primer & foundation in the $40 range (pro and “regular brands”) and NOTHING works!

Jill: Battling oily skin isn’t easy and it takes a multi-faceted approach to stay on top of it. In terms of skincare, Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel is specially curated to re-balance oily skin with alpha hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes. You can use Mehron’s TouchUp Anti-Shine gel to remove shine and oil instantly, and it comes in 3 different skin-tone shades. Bioderma’s Mat Control lotion works great for all-day against block pores and sebum regulation. If all else fails, turn to beautyblender’s Blotterazzi Pro or Palladio Rice Papers to absorb oil quickly on the spot.

Question: I'm thinking about moving to the south or west coast. What cities are good markets for bridal and commercial makeup?

Jill: There are brides everywhere - but there is probably less competition from other makeup artists in the South.  LA is crawling with MUAs. As for commercial, that is a very broad question. Films? Corporate shoots?  Atlanta/Nashville would be the only southern cities I would think have opportunities.  Both NYC and LA have a great number of commercial opportunities (as does the Chicago area).

Question: On mature clients, what is your opinion on eyeliner on the lower lash line? Also for mature clients, what is your opinion on matte vs. satin. vs. shimmer eye shadows? And what age is the mature client? If a 60 year old should not wear shimmer shadows, how do you decide for a 45 year old?

Jill: Mature skin is defined by the condition of the skin, not be the chronological age of the person.  Under eye liner usually closes up the eyes, but if the eyes are round, it may look good as a soft, blurred line.  Matte is great, except for those with deep skin tones—in that case, satin or even some shimmer may work.  Rule of thumb: anytime the product makes the skin look more wrinkled, avoid it.  Shimmer is usually pretty unflattering if the eyelid skin is loose.

Thanks everyone for the excellent questions, and check back next week to see if your question is chosen!

Justin Talaga
Give the gift of education!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Treat the makeup enthusiast in your life to something special. We have a variety of workshops to choose from for everyone in your family, ranging from beginner to advanced. Master the art of airbrushing with our Temptu-Certified Airbrush Bridal workshop, or bring the whole family along to our Mini Monday demonstration to see what’s trending in 2019.

Scroll down to find the perfect gift!

TEMPTU-Certified Airbrush Bridal workshop
December 17th, 2018

Make Up First Temptu Airbrush Bridal Workshop

Join us for our TEMPTU Certified Airbrush/Bridal Workshop. This one-day workshop will cover the business of Bridal, as well as airbrush makeup using TEMPTU products! Students will learn how to assemble and use the airbrush and compressor, and will be taught various airbrushing techniques. Participants will be guided in the selection of various airbrush foundations, blushes and contour shades, in order to create a flawless airbrushed face. Equipment is available for use during the one-day, six-hour session, as well as available for purchase. Students should bring brushes from their makeup kits.

Upon completion, students will receive a TEMPTU Certified by Make Up First® Certificate!

Exclusive Pro Shop discounts day of workshop for attendees!

Teen Camp Workshop
December 26th-28th, 2018

Make Up First School Teen Camp Workshop

Our Teen Camp workshops focus on introducing blossoming makeup artists to both fundamentals of the craft as well as the many different types of makeup within the field. These single-session workshops are geared toward student’s ages 13-17. Students have the option of choosing all three sessions or any single session of their choosing. Topics include:

Dec. 26th: Skin Prep, Color Theory, and Makeup Application

Dec. 27th: Advanced Beauty Makeup Application. Students will learn how to on trend eye looks, highlight + contour, among other beauty techniques.

Dec. 28th: Theatrical makeup class that will focus on Gore! Students will learn how to create wounds; cuts, bruises, and scars. Students will also have the option to create Glam + Gore looks.

All makeup and tools will be provided each day.

Mini Monday Workshop: Spring Trends—Featuring Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019 “Living Coral”
January 14th, 2019

Make Up First Mini Monday Workshop Featuring Pantone's Color of the Year Living Coral

Our Mini Monday Workshops are open to the public, so everyone can join in! We’ll showcase Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019, “Living Coral”, and preview the hottest looks for the upcoming season.

This workshop will be help from 10am-12pm, and can be used as Continuing Education hours under the IL Barber Act!

Justin Talaga
Winterizing Your Makeup Routine

Prepping your skin for the cold, winter months can be challenging, but adapting your routine can make a world of difference. Switch it up! Change your skincare products and you’ll notice the difference in your skin and makeup application. Make Up First’s Rachael Heimbuch shared her favorite tips with Fox this week—read on to get the scoop and watch the full segment below!

Make Up First on Fox Winterizing Your Makeup Routine



-Avoid cleansers with harsh, drying ingredients and gritty scrubs that can over sensitize skin

**Recommendation: Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. It dissolves away makeup, oil and dirt without drying the skin. Contains AHAS (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which gently exfoliate the skin.



-Swap lotions for creams

-Look for ultimate hydration ingredients: Ceramides (helps maintain and not breakdown skin barrier) Hyaluronic Acid (holds moisture in the skin)

-Add a hydrating serum before cream to give extra boost of moisture

-Press skincare products into the skin as opposed to rubbing in

-PRO TIP: Apply skincare in order from thinnest product to thickest for maximum absorption of products

 **Recommendation: Embryolisse Cicalisse, Embryolisse Anti-Age Firming Cream, Bioderma Hydrabio Serum



-Exposed skin (like your lips) requires daily hydration, especially during the winter. Don’t neglect these areas, including the eyes, that aren’t protected from the elements. Choose products for sensitive areas that are easy on the skin.

**Recommendation: Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre + Gloss (2 in 1!), Embryolisse Smoothing Eye Contour Treatment, Bioderma Sensbio Eye, Smith’s Rosebud Salve 



-Sheet masks are a great way to combat weathered skin, but be sure to use for the recommended amount of time only (do not exceed!). When used for longer than directed they can dry out and have reverse effects of intended result.


**Recommendation: MustaeV Mood Masks, ToGoSpa Eye and Lip Masks




-Opt for a hydrating silicone-based primer. Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer fills in fine lines, smooths skin texture, and extends foundation wear, creating a barrier on face that soothes skin and helps retain moisture. 

-Use cream foundations instead of powders, as creams typically hold more moisture.
Go with Cinema Secrets 5-in-1 Foudations or Mehron’s Celebre Foudations.

-Choose cream blushes over powders, such as FIRST by Maqpro Lip and Cheek Palette, which doubles for cheeks as well as lips!

-Favorite cream eye product: Stilazzi Borderline Gels.

-Give skin a glow with a cream or liquid highlighter: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (liquid or poured), Inglot AMC Face & Body Illuminizing Liquid.

-Give skin a hydrating spritz before and after application (or a mid day refresh), with Mario Badescu Aloe or Rosewater sprays, or Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray.

To see the whole segment, click below!

Justin Talaga
New Year, New Career

Make a resolution that sticks this year! Turn your passion into a career!

Make Up First® is the premier makeup artistry training program in the entire Midwest. Our program, approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, offers in-depth makeup artistry training with extensive hands-on studio time using pro cosmetics and taught by the finest instructors. By offering professional instruction in all areas of makeup artistry, we prepare our students to be able to accept work in all avenues of the industry, including editorial, bridal, theatrical, media, clinical and more. Start your dream career today!

Justin Talaga
Travel-Friendly Makeup Tips

Tis the season! With the holidays approaching, it’s important to be prepared to travel. Being away from home can seriously throw off your makeup routine, but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled some travel-friendly makeup tips to make your holiday trip as seamless as possible!

Choose the Right Cosmetic Travel Bag
Have a plan. Are you going for 3 days or 10? Can you survive with a small travel bag, or is bigger a better choice? Are you the person who needs the big bag regardless? Whatever the circumstance, plastic is always a good choice. In the event something spills (or explodes), it makes for an easy clean up. Look for bags with pockets, flaps, or folds where you can keep your products organized, or go for a few individual organizers.

Keep It Simple
Don’t bring the one-time use seasonal glitters or bold lip colors. Grab your go-to products and the makeup you use every day/night. Opt for multi-purpose, simpler solutions, like Face Atelier’s Liquid Foundation, that doesn’t need a makeup primer. We love MaqPro’s Palette that can be used on both lips and cheeks.

No Liquids (But…)
Select as many non-liquid products as possible for a hassle-free trip through the security checkpoint. Choose pressed powders, pens and pencils, cream palettes, and compacts. Cleansing wipes make life easier on the go in place of any bottled cleansers. If you really need anything liquid, make sure to grab small, clear, and reusable containers which are eco-friendly and cut the cost of buying travel-size products each trip. Make sure to double-bag your liquids in case of an untimely spill.

Grab Products with a Purpose!
Find products that are multi-purpose, or eliminate the need to pack an extra item. The Makeup Mixer from MaqPro is the ultimate example, serving as a makeup remover, primer, moisturizer and product to sheer foundations or concealers! Pack easy-to-remove makeup, like Kevyn Aucoin’s Volumizing Mascara, that comes off with just water, allowing you to leave extra makeup removers at home. Look for lip or eye pencils that are self-sharpening and save yourself some room for other products.

Protect Your Items
Whether your makeup is in your carry on, or stuffed into a suitcase, chances are it’s gonna get tossed around. Make sure your makeup is wrapped up tight, so when your bag is dropped, smashed, or stuffed into a compartment your products stay in one piece. Small hand towels or t-shirts make great padding in or around your makeup bag. Pressed powders, like MaqPro’s HD Setting Powder, stay in place, even when your luggage does not.

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