Is Failure to Prime a Crime?


Even among makeup enthusiasts, primers remain a topic of debate and mystery. Do you need to prime, and if so, what type of primer should you use? Between mattifiers, luminating primers, and hydrators, the entire process can be overwhelming—so we’ve come up with a short guide to help sort things out.

What are Primers?
Primers are a prep product that goes on after your skin care products but before your foundation, concealer, or tinted moisturizer. The primer will smooth lines and wrinkles while blurring imperfections for an even, flawless makeup application. In addition, since a primer is a layer between the skin (and its natural oils) and the foundation, the primer increases the longevity of the foundation application.

Do I need a Primer?

Unless you or your client has perfect skin, the application of a primer before the foundation is recommended. With the aid of a primer, your makeup applications are easier, smoother, cleaner, and last far longer. Primers can remove fine lines, fill in uneven skin, and even refine pores. There’s a primer out there for almost any skin type.

Okay, so what kind of Primer do I need?

It really depends on the individual. It’s important to assess the type of skin are you priming, and also what base of foundation that will be applied over the primer. Certain primers can serve as color correctors that can be used prior to your base or foundation. Other primers utilize hyaluronic acid to increase hydration, or have a built-in sunscreen to protect you outdoors. 

For areas with red surface tones, use a perfect green primer for color correction. Mauve or light purple will counteract sallow undertones and pink will brighten the skin.

For the application of a cream makeup that contains some silicone, to provide more slip, we recommend a silicone-based primer.

For those with dry skin, there are primers that offer additional hydration.

For those with oily skin, we first recommend a mattifing agent, and then a primer that will control oil while keeping skin mattified and pores minimized.

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Justin Talaga